Art Share Program

Our Art Share Program gives you access to original Big Tree pieces while splitting the cost with other Art Share Members, call it a co-op of sorts.  Members can pick any number of images for their space and avoid the large upfront cost of purchasing art by paying a much smaller, yearly price.  Because we rotate images every 6 months, your clients will notice a difference and you won't be stuck looking at the same piece of art you purchased 9 years ago.  Costs and program benefits are highlighted below along with sample images.  

Art Share Program Benefits:

Beyond giving you some pretty sweet things to take your minds eye outside, this program includes:

  • An office or home art consultation where we select images based on the size of your space and image preference
  • Initial mounting of art
  • Image rotation every 6 months or 1 year, based on your preference, where we give your walls some new windows to the world  
  • If you fall in love with a particular image and simply don't want to let it go, you'll have the option of buying that or any other Big Tree piece at a 20% discount

Art Share Program Costs:

One-time set-up Fee:     $400.00

Yearly Art Share Membership:      1-2 images - $200.00 per piece     3-4 images - $175.00 per piece     5-6 images - $150.00 per piece

7 or more images can also be leased through our custom packages.    

As always, contact Charlie with any questions and take a look below!