Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens gives you an inside look at the 5 newest shots from Big Tree Images.  A series of 5 images will be released every Friday and accompanied by all the spicy details!  Location, camera, settings, and processing will all be highlighted to give you a better chance to step behind the lens!

Time Flies When...

Time flies when you least want it to.  Family, food, Fourth festivities, they all make for a quicker clock.  This weeks Behind the Lens is the first with all film shots because that's the best way for me to slow down!    

Camera: Mamiya 645 ProTL     Lens: Sekor C 45mm     Film: Fuji Acros 100     Settings: f/11 @ 1/8

One of the hardest and in turn most rewarding facets of photos is seeking out the not so obvious image in a very obvious place.  Abiqua Falls captures your mind's eye and draws you to its giant columnar basalt sandwiching rushing water from both sides.  Here, a different look of rocks polished through years of tumbling down to this spot and a slight reflection of the falls pulls your eye down from the easily evident.  There's a whole world down there!

C: Yashica Mat 124G w/ 80mm fixed lens     F: Kodak Ektar 100     S: f/8 @ 1/125

This dog just never seems to care how cold the water may be, it's always just right...  The water level of Lake Pend O'rielle in Northern Idaho is lowered nearly 10 feet to accommodate a heavy Spring runoff from Western Montana.  This exposes car sized boulders where only water once ruled.  Dog hair just don't care how cold it is, it's time to swim!   

C: Yashica Mat 124 G w/ 80mm fixed lens     F: Ilford HP5 400     S: f/2.8 @ 1/15

This little Yashica has a way of surprising you with every shutter click.  The simplicity of a one lens system turns my pre flight wanderings around PDX into a game of composure because 80mm is all you get!  HP5 400 was a film just fast enough to allow for the low light of a red-eye boarding process. 

C: Yahsica Mat 124G w/ 80mm fixed lens     F: Kodak Portra 400     S: f/4 @ 1/15

A third and final shot this week using the TLR Yashica from the shores of Lake Tahoe.  Not even a flat tire, 1 hour into my future, could ruin this view and Portra film presented this scene with a pastel feel.  I'll be back for you, Tahoe!

C: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 45mm     F: Fuji Acros 100     S: f/2.8 @ 1/30

Oregon can bring you a mix of all the weathers in just one day, and this day did not fall short.  Wahtum Lake was one of my first Oregon outdoor experiences and even though it abounds with views, I find it most beautiful when the fog rolls.  A very impatient JP gives scale to his monstrous surroundings.