Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens gives you an inside look at the 5 newest shots from Big Tree Images.  A series of 5 images will be released every Friday and accompanied by all the spicy details!  Location, camera, settings, and processing will all be highlighted to give you a better chance to step behind the lens!

Fridays are for Film

Landscape style shots rule this week at Big Tree!  Each of the 5 let powerful skies play with distinct scenes from across the Pacific Northwest and even a guest appearance by it's southern neighbor.  Take a look below and travel around Bend, Tahoe, North Idaho, The Palouse, and Arlington with your eye brain.  Time to head towards the Alvord Desert and see me some of them shootin stars!  

Camera: Mamiya 645 ProTL     Lens: Sekor C 80mm     Film: Fuji Acros 100     Settings: f/22 @ 1/4

Sparks Lake near Bend, Oregon is one of those oft visited areas that I tend to steer clear of.  I instantly realized my folly when confronted with its overwhelming beauty and omnipresent drama.  This shot was captured in the wee hours of a new day that brought very little light into play.  Something about this early mornings always brings a fun sense of contrast between the aged snags and their more vibrant and healthy neighbors.

C: Yashica Mat 124G     L: 80mm fixed     F: Kodak Ektar 100     S: f/8 @1/15

Another first time visit to a place known far and wide for its abundance of woot!  The east shore of Tahoe gives a world of character with rocks that seem to somehow breathe and a glass like appearance of this massive lake.  We came to ski but temperatures in the high 60's on the slopes had us running to water instead!

C: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 80mm     F: Ilford PanF 50     S: f/22 @ 1/8

Have you been to the Palouse?  You should go, and don't go with a destination in mind.  Go with a sense that the smaller, dustier, and more beat up the road you're on, the better.  One thing I love about shooting landscape photography is finding symmetry in a planet that thrives on chaos.  

C: Sony a6000     L: Sony kit 70-200     S: f/4 @ 1/1000

TImber, that is all.

C: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 45mm w/r25 filter   F: Ilford PanF 50     S: f/22 @ 1/2

I don't know where I was, and I may never drive this road again, but the size and scope of these wind farms was awe inspiring.  To add a touch of motion to the blades, I chose a slightly slower shutter and even the barely discernible blur let's you know sense the power being harnessed.