Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens gives you an inside look at the 5 newest shots from Big Tree Images.  A series of 5 images will be released every Friday and accompanied by all the spicy details!  Location, camera, settings, and processing will all be highlighted to give you a better chance to step behind the lens!

OMG! Becky, look at her lens, it is soooooo big!

Well, if nothing else, trying to release new images every week has given me a much greater appreciation of where I spend my time!  Almost every week has featured a shot from the Alvord Desert, Palouse, and Tahoe.  This week is much of the same, enjoy!

Camera: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 80mm     F: Ilford PanF 50     S: f/22 @ 1/15

Far too often, film shots turn out to look like a simple digital image which is a testament to the quality of glass on this Mamiya and how painstaking the development and processing can be.  This shot gives you that much desired grain and soul of film!  The Alvord "lake" is a thin layer of water that ebbs and flows based on local precip and amount of overnight moisture.  Don't sleep too close, you may wake in a bit of a pickle as the lake is known to expand overnight!

C: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 45mm     F: Fuji Acros 100     S: f/11 @ 1/2

I always try to capture an image that I facetiously believe hasn't been captured before.  This one has been shot time and time again and I just don't care....  Get off my lawn....  Abiqua Falls takes a bit of astute navigation to find and the short trail down would be better suited for the Oregon Rock Bowling League but it's all worth it!  

C: Yashica Mat 124G     L: fixed 80mm     F: Kodak Portra 400     S: f/5.6 @ 1/30

Oh color film, how I both love and loath you!  Some shots turn into a pastel mix of soft tones and some shots turn into a harsh reality that it's Monday and you don't now where your car is...  Luckily, this one brought a light touch!

C: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 80mm w/ r25 filter    F: Ilford PanF 50     S: f/22 @ 30 seconds

I don't really know why, but I like this one if only for the dashed dividing strip and sky that somehow moves with a long exposed negative.  What I didn't love about getting this was the local farmer that took exception to "his road" being jammed with "lookie-loos" and his exclamation to GTFOHL (get the f off his land).  

C: Mamiya 645 ProTL     L: Sekor C 150mm     F: Fuji Acros 100     S: f/8 @ 1/125

Panoramas are a bitch, there's no two ways about it.  This shot was actually taken from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse using a long lens and is 5 images stitched together.  Sometimes they line up, sometimes you left a small margin of error and your common sense between 2 images and it just doesn't work.  I think there is something mesmerizingly beautiful about wind farms!