Michael Michael Motorcycle

Better late than never?  Terribly sorry I let this slip my mind...  I'd give you the normal too busy, not home, etc. stuff but I just flat out forgot!  Anywho, here's a collection of black and white images.  The vast majority of which are film shots with a few digital shots slipped in as well.  Take some time to look it over, and I can update the page to just show the images you're most interested in.  There are quite a few because I threw just about everything in so even if you like a certain style or scene, let me know and we can whittle it down to make this page more clean!    Printing options are varied.  Archival prints are done here locally and I have a great guy doing it but that also requires some sort of framing which can be more expensive than the print.  Canvas, metal, acrylic, and analogue wet print are also options!