Mama Mia Zia

Hi there Franco and Zia!

Happy Anniversary!  For this very special occasion, Sandy has hired me to capture some lasting images of Zia enjoying all the splendor of the Marchesi grounds along with some shots of you two palling around!  I've included a quick rundown of our Canine Portrait Session below and couldn't be more excited.  

Portrait Sessions, and specifically those involving special places such as a winery, are a great way to put the excitement displayed by our canine companions while exploring their "natural habitat" into images conveying that excitement forever.  Most sessions last between 1-2 hours and are best done during the magic lighting periods just after sunrise or before sunset.  Given that Marchesi is Zia's workplace, she'll have no problem in front of the camera but I always encourage clients to bring favorite toys, beds, and especially treats to encourage the range of emotion our dogs tend to show.  My contact information and some sample shots from previous sessions (along with some of my very own muts) are below.  All that's left is finding a time to get together and take a few photos so call, text, or email with any questions!

Can't wait to meet Zia!


Charlie Riter

(503) 348-3594